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8/4 Give Me Little More – Matsumoto, Japan – w/ David Grubbs, Taku Unami, Thom Bane
2/24 Earshot Reading Series – Shoestring Press – Brooklyn, NY – w/ Marwa Helal, Krystal Languell, and Mariel Victoria Mok
2/19 In Your Ear Reading Series – DC Arts Center – Washington, DC – w/ Daniel Owen
2/18 UDP Winter Book Party – Pierogi Gallery – New York, NY – w/ Mónica de la Torre, Alan Felsenthal, G.L. Ford, and Susan Gordon
2/15 Chase Public – Cincinnati, OH – w/ Audrey Patterson and Charles Gabel
2/13 Oscar Presents Reading Series – The Bubbler (Madison Public Library) – Madison, WI
2/12 Woodland Pattern - Milwaukee, WI
2/11 Seminary Co-op Bookstore – Chicago, IL
2/9 Prairie Lights – Iowa City, IA
2/8 Malvern Books – Austin, TX – w/ Eduardo Aparicio
2/5 Otros Libros/Other Books – Los Angeles, CA – w/ Muriel Leung and Amarnath Ravva
2/3 Alley Cat Books – San Francisco, CA – w/ Norma Cole
2/1 Schneider Museum of Art – Ashland, OR
1/31 Passages Bookshop – Portland OR
1/29 Open Books – Seattle, WA – w/ Don Mee Choi


5/29 Greetings – Unnameable Books – Brooklyn, NY – w/ Edmund Berrigan, The Keystone Speakers Wallen & Witkowski
5/10 Fragments of a Vessel – Wendy’s Subway – Brooklyn, NY– w/ Kit Schluter, Ken L Walker, Camilo Roldan, and Maria Goldverg
5/3 The Reading Again – Lex56 – Brooklyn, NY– w/ Andrew Bartels, Camilo Roldan, Carl Schlachte, Talia Shalev, Spencer Everett, Thom Bane, Jeff Grunthaner, Jordan Schauer, and Chris Kiehne
4/9 Turnstyle – CUNY Graduate Center – New York, NY – w/ Andrea Simon, Michele Menzies-Abrash, Olivia Mammone, Jamie Hittman, Keayr Braxton, Matt Petronzio, and Laura Horley
3/1 I Love You More Than Death – Unnameable Books – Brooklyn, NY – w/ Sparrow, Violet Snow, Ron Kolm, Eve Packer, Jeff Grunthaner, Bonijoi, Nancy Mercado, Mike Topp, Carol Wierzbicki, Keith Roach, Sheila Maldonado, and Carl Watson


12/13 Sleepy Hollow Reading Series – Hudson Valley Writers’ Center – Sleepy Hollow, NY – w/ Eric Conroe and Ryan Schaefer
11/8 The Reading – Lex 56 – Brooklyn, NY – w/ Jeanette Anderson, Eric Conroe, Christine Costello, Jamie Edlin, Georgia Faust, Uzodinma Okehi, J.E. Reich, and Carl Schlachte
10/6 MFA Spotlight – Freddy’s – Brooklyn, NY – w/ Marc Linquist, Matthew Blair, Matthue Roth, Eric Conroe, Georgia Faust, Ilana Papir, Alexis Pope, Vanassa Josey, Thom Bane, Amanda Faraone, and Zachary Soloman
9/20 Ekphrazein – Jung Center/ARAS – New York, NY – w/ Alexandra Kollontai, Alina Gregorian, Andrew Boston, Evan Goodman, Miriam Atkin, Rick Phelps, Rebbecca Brown, Robert Whitehead, and Todd Anderson
9/8 Kundiman – Verlaine – New York, NY – w/ Nina Sharma and Jenny Xie
5/16 Tri-Lengua – Cantina Royal – Brooklyn, NY – w/ Christine Kanownik, Allison Power, Kit Schluter, and Charlie Vázquez
3/1 Lamprophonic – Symphony Space/Bar Thalia – New York, NY – w/ Jesse Barron, Jeb Gleason-Allured, EJ Koh, and Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren


9/30 MFA Reading - Sycamore – Brooklyn, NY – w/ Jamie Edlin, Jessica Almasy, Lysette Simmons, Ryan Schaefer, Eric Conroe
4/28 Les Souffleurs de Vers: deuxième edition – Odyssée Médiathèque Eybens – Grenoble, France – w/ Saori Fukasawa, Nori Ubukata, Natsumi Tokoro, Katia Bouchoueva, and Florent Diara